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Federal Report Deems Pullman Worthy of National Park Status

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A National Park Service study on the justifications for a Pullman National Historic Park designation, expected this past Spring, has finally reached its congressional sponsors, reports The Tribune. The study concludes the designation would be a fine idea, given that Pullman has been a National Historic Landmark since 1970 and played a defining role in labor history, the black labor movement, and the railroad industry. It also doesn't hurt that much of George Pullman's original company town (the nation's first) as well as pieces of the factory remain intact— forming a distinct historic core and functioning neighborhood. The National Park Service blessing is a big step, but Congress still must authorize an economic feasibility study. The Park Service, per The Trib: "The National Parks are looking to create more parks in urban areas, but it is expected that local financial support will be needed to make the Pullman Park a reality." It's probable that long-term investment from the Feds will yield higher property values and more interest in the restoration of Pullman's homes and core landmarks.
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