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Washington Park Brownstone, Neighbor to Comiskey Mansion, Re-Lists for $400K

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A Brownstone fixer-upper at 5141 S Michigan, broker-identified as "one of the Comiskey mansions" but perhaps just a neighbor, has re-listed for $400K after four years off the market. We're not able to take you inside, so apply your imagination to an 1888 five-bed with original woodwork and finishes, original bathrooms with "claw foot tubs", and a detached coach house. The home sits on a long double-lot with plenty of ground to spare. The listing says it's zoned for multi-family but would be suited to single-family use w/ coach house rental income. It's not clear how much interior work is demanded, but major renovations are rarely a profitable option in Washington Park. As for the Comiskey claim, we haven't heard of any Comiskey mansions beyond the baseball legend's George Maher-designed home at 1531 S Michigan and the sometimes-mislabeled South Side Community Art Center. If our readers know this to be one, speak up in the comments.
·Listing: 5141 S Michigan Ave. [Dream Town]