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Lincoln Park Townhouse Charges $800K To Live On The 'L'

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How much is a 3/4.5 Lincoln Park townhouse with dated interiors worth to you? Now, how much is it worth to you knowing it embraces elevated tracks? The seller thinks $799,900 is about right. The home is charming, the setting is not. We're talking a well-maintained 1884 brick home with fireplaces, chandeliers, vintage doors & floors, vintage bathrooms (in need of updates), master bedroom w/ wet bar, tall trackside windows for varying degrees of debauched interplay, and an in-law suite in the finished basement. The basement, in fact, has as much going on as the rest of the house. Selling for just $400K in 2000, this offering is for that special someone dying to become a Lincoln Parker.
·Listing: 950 W Dickens Ave. [@properties]