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30-Story Office Tower Could be Coming to Randolph & Franklin

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Could another office tower be in the cards for the Loop? Developer John Buck may be planning what looks to be a 30-story office building at the northeast corner of Randolph and Franklin, currently occupied by a Walgreens store. Spyguy at Skyscraper Page recently furnished a lone, nighttime rendering of the glassy tower, designed by John Ronan. The Chicago-based architect is best known for designing the AIA awarding-winning Poetry Foundation in River North. Ronan's design for this project features a three-story recessed entrance and what appears to be a landscaped rooftop terrace or possibly a green roof. If Buck's proposal, 130 North Franklin, and 200 West Randolph all come to fruition, we could have some serious density on our hands in this part of the Loop. Stay tuned!
·User spyguy at Skyscraper Page []