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Halsted Flats Development in Lakeview Nearly Topped Out

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Love it or hate it, the controversial development known as Halsted Flats is now unmistakably part of the Lakeview neighborhood. Barely a month after our initial visit, we were back once again to check in on the 15-story, L-shaped building, designed by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture (HPA). The 300-unit project, from JDL Development, is on the fast track to completion. Since our last visit, blue glass has appeared on the lower floors along Halsted. The highrise portion has shot up ten stories above the three-story base--dwarfing a vintage building across the street--and is now two stories away from officially topping out. Amenities at Halsted Flats will include 10,900 square feet of ground-level retail space, a pool, and a fitness center. Final occupancy is expected by Fall 2013. We'll be back for the final product!
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