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Revealed: Campus Acquisitions' Proposal for State & Huron

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Back in January, we brought you news of plans by Campus Acquisitions to build a rental tower at the northeast corner State and Huron in River North. With no renderings on hand at the time of our post, we promised to follow up just as soon as they became available. Six months later, we can finally put a face with a name thanks to the efforts of none-other-than spyguy at Skyscraper Page. Originally planned as a 20-story tower, 80-unit tower, Campus Acquisitions' proposal now looks to be in the range of 25-30 stories and will house around 85 units. No word yet on the architecture firm behind the project, but we'll give a thumbs up to the contemporary design, a fresh counterpoint to the less than stellar highrises in the surrounding area. Oh, and a pair of old rowhomes presently on the site will eventually have to go, but early indications are that the adjacent Ukrainian Consulate will remain. More to come!
·Student Housing Developer Floats 20-Story River North Tower [Curbed Chicago]
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