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Shell Out $975K for the Most 'Victorian' Dwelling on the Market

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There's no Olympics of Victorian era design, so far as we know, but there should be. You see, we think we'd have the regional winner and a likely nation-wide medalist. This 1894 Lincoln Park row house is thick with period detail, from the double parlor's intricate wood carvings, wallpapers, and ceiling print, to the built-in mantles, fireplaces, and mirrors, to the modernized but still in-character kitchen. Even the bathrooms brandish stained glass, wood panelling, and, yes, at least one olde tyme tub with wooden rail. A compact backyard and garden, two-car garage, and legal garden apartment currently rented for $1,000/month round out the property. New to market, the initial ask is $975K.
·Listing: 1150 W Wrightwood Ave. [Prudential Rubloff]