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Arkadia Tower Rumbles Through Foundation Work on Way to 33-Story Height

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The long-awaited Arkadia Tower is under construction at Adams & Halsted, and we've got the pics to prove it. Foundation work began about a month ago and now the site has a bunch of moved earth, spools of rebar, and cranes and drilling rigs to dodge. To refresh, White Oak Realty is erecting the 33-story, 350-unit rental tower with a green roof, swimming pool, and 356 parking spaces filling a near-featureless 5-story podium. That would change if White Oak retains plans for the "metal screen with graphic" (i.e. skipping silhouetted figures that the approved plan calls for. Oh, and the building will be rendered in blue and white like practically every Greektown restaurant. FitzGerald Associates is behind this design and the design of the soon-to-be-neighboring One South Halsted. More check-ins to come!
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