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Late Russian Tycoon's Lakefront Leftovers Get Rock Bottom Price of $2.2M

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An 11,000-square-foot pink palace on 120 feet of Highland Park lakefront has sold for a measly $2.2M. Why the shockingly low closing price? Well, the extreme gaudiness doesn't help but, as Chicago Mag's Dennis Rodkin reports, the property was probably caught up in a multinational legal brawl stemming from some $27M in debt that late owner Mikhail Katamanin left behind. After three years and four listing agents, Jameson Sotheby's scored a sale for "less than one-fourth the original 2009 asking price of $8.93M."

Curbed explored the listing last November without this backgrounder and our focus was squarely on the "aristocratic" details: double staircase; vaulted ceilings; skylit pool; fitness center; and a 6-car elevator garage. A swirling rumor in 2010 had it that LeBron James was shopping the home while shopping for a new NBA team. That claim was never confirmed. The perplexing home is merely one-half of the compound Katamanin on the lake. The other—a touch smaller, less adorned, and more classical in design—is still on the market for $2.95M right next door.
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