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Architect & Craftsman Colab on Home w/ Wide Aesthetic Range

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The listing agent bills this wholly-rebuilt 3-bed frame home as a "thoughtful, affordable alternative to current development in Lincoln Square." It's hard to argue with the thought put into it— the dwelling is a hybrid of contemporary Western and Japanese interior design with the face of the 1881 cottage it still is. Bamboo? Check. Sliding paper doors? Check. Built-in wall display spaces and centerpiece shrines? Check. Modern kitchen and lighting? Check and check. The property also boasts natural landscaping and a well-disguised 3-car garage w/ extra room for an office or play area. We'll call BS on the affordable claim: nice place, but $685K for 1,650 square feet isn't so amazing.
·Listing: 2156 W Leland Ave. [Prello Realty]