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Use 'Stroller' & 'Backpack' Neighborhood Map to Avoid Children

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Alas, one might also wish to use the map to find child-friendly zones in the city (aka realms of respectable public schools) and move to those areas, though we wouldn't recommend it. Kidding aside, Trulia's handy one-dimensional map of neighborhoods with the highest ratio of "stroller" to "backpack" children and visa versa confirms what the eye and ear already knows— that hot and happening areas like the West Loop, River North, and South Loop have a far higher makeup of young kids (age 0-4) than school-age kids (age 5-9) and sleepier, less dense areas like Morgan Park and Ashburn pack in the older set. Basically, the map tells you which areas are for well-healed transient families where kids are game-changers and which contain a more anchored and sometimes impoverished population. Hey, maybe someday our elected officials will improve not worsen CPS and overall segregation and the real estate industry can quit making maps.
·Trulia [official]