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Outstanding Brininstool + Lynch Contempo Under Contract

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Designed by Brininstool + Lynch in 1995 and finished by architect/interior designer Patrizio Fradiani, this giddily-modern four-bed took the better part of four years to go under contract. Now that it has, more than a few prospective buyers will be kicking themselves for not pulling the trigger. This is one of Bucktown's sharpest properties, a "warm modernist European home bathed in natural light," per the brokerbabble. The listing is correct to add "magazine spread sophistication" to its list of superlatives— the place has been featured in Chicago Home+Garden, NBC Open House, and likely others. Note the incredible interior detailing, designer appliances and lighting, wood-burning fireplace, skylights, wet bar, and shapely outdoor spaces. First making a run at the market in 2009 for $1.65M, the home de-listed for awhile, returned at $1.45M, and is poised to close around $1.295M.
·Listing: 1614 N Wolcott St. [@properties]
·A Brininstool + Lynch-Designed Home in Bucktown for $1.45M [Curbed Chicago]