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Cornerspotted: Chicago Stadium, Opposite the House That Michael Built

No unsolvable mystery here. Our Cornerpotter photo and accompanying hints (largest building of its kind upon completion; first with central air conditioning) left little room for anything other than an arena named Chicago Stadium. That's not to say the installment didn't attract some outlying guesses (Riverview Amusement Park, Comiskey Field, International Amphitheater). Built in 1926-1929 in a bid by local sports promoter Paddy Harmon to gain some control over the fledgling Blackhawks, the original Madhouse on Madison had deafening acoustics, a primitive AC system that sometimes produced fog, and seating for a record 17,000. Jordan's early exploits and the Bulls' first three-peat happened here, making its 1995 demolition an especially brutal affair for even the least sports-crazed Chicagoans. The stadium's site, at Madison & Wood, has been a United Center parking lot ever since, but the new Bulls Practice facility is about to change that.
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