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Newly-Listed Collegiate 3-Flat a Photographic Catastrophe

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If you're going to show a place you suspect may have been crapped on by college kids, you brace your client for the worst and see it through. But posting pics like these? This full-occupancy Lake View 3-flat just came on market with an owner's duplex and two large rentals totaling seven bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. We're not asking for eye candy, but does it serve the interested public to see bedrooms caked in dirty clothing and a random assortment of kitchen and living room clutter? We get that it's hard to get tenants on board for a listing shoot or to execute any real staging. The befuddling part is that the owner's unit accounts for several of the sloppily presented spaces— occupied or not, you'd think the owner would take care to differentiate his or her living space from the rental dens for the sake of the listing. Maybe the market near Sheffield & Clark is such that any solid structure will command a good price. The ask: $799K.
·Listing: 1019 W Newport Ave. [Quest Realty Group]