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398-Apartment AMLI Development Lifts Over Metra Tracks

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The newest AMLI rental project is making a mark on the desolate stretch of Clark just north of Roosevelt Collection. We soured on the design back in early 2012—twin slabs with the character of a highway-side hotel—and little has changed. According to architect Dick Mann, reported in an April Chicago Architecture Blog post, there's been a retreat from the colored metal panels that once embraced the facade. A touch of color remains but most of the panels are to be replaced by masonry.

We haven't gotten that far yet, but the side-by-side 11-story buildings are quickly ascending to the sky. Simultaneous construction has each at the fourth story, just tall enough to be visible from beyond the elevated Metra tracks. To refresh, the buildings will contain 199 units apiece, oriented toward Clark. The North tower will supply 9,000 square feet of retail space at the corner of Clark & Polk, while the South tower will accommodate a shared amenity deck w/ pool. Recycled building materials are being deployed, with LEED Silver on the table. Nevertheless, a total of 280 garage parking spaces will fill the rear of the lots b/w buildings and rail. According to the site plan, green space is planned for the leftover transitional spaces— in other words, don't expect heavy utilization. Look for completion in October 2014.
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