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Loopy Contempo Emerges From Renovation w/ $1.5M Ask

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A tall Bucktown contempo taking a convex stance at the corner of Hoyne & Churchill has returned to market after a lengthy foreclosure process. Standing empty since its construction in 2007, the home languished on the market for two years with a one-time asking price of $1.9M. It's been four years since the 4/4.5 home's de-listing and, as a Curbed commenter portended in our springtime architectural walking tour, the place has re-listed with gusto at well above $1M— $1.495M, to be precise. The polarizing facade, equal parts glass and grey blocks, carries an awkwardness (or cleverness?) into the living spaces. Interconnected rooms balloon and contract their way to sharp corners. The home boasts four outdoor spaces, but the one pictured is an odd high-walled triangular courtyard with only sky to look at. The windowed expanses throughout the four-level house are undeniably generous and entertaining would be a hoot with the open floorplan and floating staircase. So, any takers?
·Listing: 1809 N Hoyne Ave. [@properties]
·Here Now, Curbed's Bucktown Architectural Walking Tour [Curbed Chicago]