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'Moorish' 3-Bed Has Lodge Ceiling, $225K Ask in Rogers Park

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This opulent Rogers Park 3/2 unit is the sort of thing built at a time of great expectations for the inland quarter of Rogers Park. We're talking 1920s, and the recently-renovated property on display is among the finest physical specimens we've seen priced below $300K. A 15-foot beamed lodge-like ceiling takes the obvious lead in the 2,000-square-foot condo. Whether a conscious integration of Tudor and Moorish influences or not, the features and finishes (ornamental fireplace, carved columns, tile floor, decorative ironwork, and arched doorways) of this dwelling evoke fantasies of great wealth. And with the revelation that this unit originally sought $329K in 2011 and now asks $225K, you can add the fantasy of great savings.
·Listing: 2109 W Jarvis Ave #3W [@properties]