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Cornerspotted: Edgewater Beach Hotel, South of the Co-ops at Sheridan & Bryn Mawr

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Kudos to the half-dozen Curbed readers who correctly named the building captured mid-demolition as the Edgewater Beach Hotel. The resort hotel, built in 1916 by famed architects Marshall & Fox, once hosted the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland and offered outlandish amenities that capitalized on an unobstructed lakefront location: seaplane service to downtown and a private beach. Business took a blow with the extension of Lake Shore Drive in the mid-1950s (blocking lake access) but the hotel lasted until 1967. Demolition came a few years later. The pink stucco Edgewater Beach Co-op Apartments, dating to 1928, still stands proud just north at Sheridan & Bryn Mawr, with a legendary Art Deco lobby and a couple acres of gardens.
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