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Get Your Double-Deck & Bath-Side Fireplace in Roscoe Village

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Know what's even more ohm-inducing than lighting a few candles whilst lounging in the tub? Lighting a whole freaking fire. Which you can totally do in this Roscoe Village four-bedroom that comes complete with said lavatory hearth to complement the master bath's steam shower and Jacuzzi tub plus three additional fireplaces, plentiful vaulted ceilings, basement wet bar, and a double-decker deck. The listing price has held fast at $1.099M since the School St. house originally went on the market in June and jumped up $10,000 since it last sold in 2005, so we'll see who's wooed by the bathtime bells and whistles.
·Listing: 1939 W. School St. [Conlon]