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Enormous LP Contempo w/ 3-Story Atrium Asks $3.295M

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Lincoln Park's Burling Street, that most "prestigious" of addresses, is beckoning to yet another deep-pocketed patron. A decade-old contempo palace is the bait, offering five bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths with a classical limestone facade and inventive interiors. Wood beam ceilings make a few appearances. There's a marble master bath, pair of fireplaces, finished basement, gourmet kitchen, and a 3-story atrium for echoey dining. The home also has balconies, inside and out, and hits the square footage of a mini-manse. It's good the finishes are top notch because the furnishings are a little stiff, not unlike a Hyatt lobby or a corporate suite. Listing in March for $3.595M the home now asks $3.295M, trending toward its 2004 sale price of $2.7M.
·Listing: 1962 N Burling St. [Koenig & Strey]