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Shoreland Leasing in Sept.; Mural to Adorn Century Building

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CurbedWire is a roundup of reader-submitted development and real estate gossip around Chicago. Got something on your mind? Drop a line to We want to hear about it.

HYDE PARK— MAC Property Management is announcing via press release that their conversion of the old Shoreland Hotel to 330 apartments will wrap in time for September occupancy. Furthermore, the Shoreland will be the first rental building in Chicago with gigabit speed internet (about 100 times faster than regular broadband). The more traditional amenities are exciting too: an Art Modern lobby, fitness center, game room, library, and underground parking. However impressive the specs, just be glad U of C isn't running it. [Curbed inbox]

THE LOOP— The Chicago Loop Alliance—the folks who brought us loopy art installations like Color Jam and those pesky stands of musical lights along State—is embarking on their latest artistic enhancement of downtown. A 500-square-foot mural called Float is being installed at the base of the vacant Century Building at State & Adams. It will unveil July 16. As the government sorts out the future of Holabird & Roche's striking skyscraper, we might as well get to know artist Noah MacMillon's gigantic "surrealist parade" (as in sea creatures juxtaposed with skyscrapers). [Curbed inbox]


5454 South Shore, Chicago, Illinois 60637