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Vince Vaughn's Lesser Property is Back on the Rental Market

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The River North townhouse owned by A-lister Vince Vaughn but rented out three years running is open for new tenancy. Clocking 4,063 square feet, the 3-bed, 4-bath home delivers a home theater, another four flat screen TVs, hardwood floors, fireplace, a large kitchen, 3-car garage, and a rooftop terrace with some maddeningly good city views. The ask? $9,500/month. In two prior tenancies, no one was willing to shell out more than $7K though Vaughn sought more. Re-listed in late June, it's still too early to predict the outcome and listing agent Liane Pruchnik of Koenig & Strey wouldn't dance the dance with The Tribune's Bob Goldsborough. We will predict, however, that the funnyman's townhouse will forever be more accessible than his Palmolive penthouse.
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