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I.M. Pei Townhouse, Once Moldy & Mangled, Lists for $519K

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There are scores of seldom-listed I.M. Pei townhouses running Harper Ave from 55th to 57th Streets, and this week we're lucky enough to have one to parse. Not everyone gushes over the monolithic megablock of 1950s modernist dwellings— it does disrupt the street grid and eat up a lot of traditional neighborhood along the Metra tracks. But for smallish and repetitive spaces, they certainly command a pretty penny— a 2,400 square-foot four-bed sold last year for $438K with updates sorely needed. Today's get is more-or-less the same home but stripped of all decor, offensive or innocuous. That's because the unit was thoroughly rebuilt in the past 6 months after selling for $190K in such a sad condition as to warrant "mold remediation and possible asbestos remediation." A termite alert was sounded as well. Those problems appear to be in the rearview with the unit's return to market as a polished $519K property with new floors, skylights, windows, kitchen, and patio.
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