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New Chicago Parklet Sketched Out For Wicker Park-Bucktown

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Chicago's newest planned parklet, the second by Moss Design, is planned for Wicker Park's Six Corners. Chief sponsor Dimo's Pizza will provide the necessary frontage on Damen just north of North by sacrificing parking spots between May and November. With neighborhood groups and many businesses onside, the project's champions hope for smooth sailing once funds are secured. Wanna kick in some dough? Dimo's is looking for $10,000 through Kickstarter— funds that will heavily subsidize labor, material, and design costs. Moss Design's principal architect Matt Nardella offered this description of his pizza-pie-mimicking "people spot":

As with our Andersonville parklet, we are creating usable open space, and not just a cafe platform. This parklet will be more sculptural with a large area dedicated to native plantings, which serve the dual role of screening traffic, and processing stormwater. The frame and flowing bench will be fabricated locally from steel. There will also be plenty of area for general seating and pizza munching. The exterior of the structure will be clad with reclaimed wood from the Rebuilding Exchange feature a colorful mural, an ode to Wicker Park's bike culture. And if you look at the profile from the street, you'd swear it was a slice of pizza.
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