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Landmark Pullman Rowhouse Demands TLC, Lists for $57,500

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Virtually every Pullman property is "historic", but this one is on another order or importance. The newly-listed 4/2 home is part of the famed Market Square rowhouses, which join arcade buildings at the roundabout core of historic Pullman. Built by the company town's principal architect Solon Spencer Beman at the exact moment of the nearby World's Columbian Exposition, the row was actually the second take on Market Square— the first one burned down. This 1,940-square-foot representative needs a lot of help from a resourceful buyer: there's considerable ceiling damage, crumbling trim, dated kitchen and bathrooms, and a bleak basement. The place sold in 2002 for $130K but we're guessing it accrued most of its damage in the decade since. The new ask: $57,500.
·Listing: 612 E 112th Street [Coldwell Banker]