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Tower Crane Set To Lift GEMS World Academy Off the Ground

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The newest addition to the introspective mega-development of Lakeshore East is bKL Architecture's GEMS World Academy building. The 9-story structure is the first of two side-by-side academic buildings that will eventually serve 2,000 kids (whose parents can afford hefty private school tuition) in grades K-12. The tower crane is up and the foundation is starting to fill on the inward-facing building dedicated to the youngest students. Apart from some tightly-wound strips of color, the facade will blend in with several of Lakeshore East's glassy and nondescript residential towers. At some point down the road, construction will begin on a Wacker Drive-facing 16-story GEMS tower for older students. Early indications are that phase one construction will be complete in time for the 2014-15 school year.
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