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Verdant Foursquare w/ In-Law Unit Asks $4,350/mo in Uptown

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In the Sheridan Park section of Uptown, there's a wealth of classic American Foursquares at less-than-Lakeview prices. Earlier in the year, this 5-bed, 3,700-square-foot offering was on the for-sale market for $875K. Now, it's a potential long-term rental asking $4,350/month. It's easy to be let down by what $4K rents you in this town, but in this instance the property is as much outdoor amenity as it is finely-furnished vintage abode. The front and rear gardens are picturesque and a large gondola pergola crowns the backyard, with adjacent grill and garage. Add to these a paver patio and a broad front porch. Inside, the 1904 home has kept its period sensibilities and over time has collected a finished attic and basement. The basement is its own in-law unit, measuring about 1,000 square feet. We wouldn't recommend trying to make a buck off it though, tempting though it may be.
·Listing: 4636 N Dover St. [Zillow]