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Modern Penthouse Timber Loft w/ Artsy Nooks Gets $440K

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Looks like sales are picking up at the mesmerizing (though occasionally horror story-inducing) timber loft building at 1000 W Washington. In early June a 3,500 square-foot designer-owned unit sold for near ask. And now, a considerably smaller unit at a higher perch has claimed $440K for its owner. The 2/2 duplexed loft has been designed to shun its 1880s timber and brick DNA. But it's good to see the hardwood floors are still in play. The space ends up being very inviting, with its towering blank walls, built-in bookshelves and strategic doses of timber beams. The unit also sports interior and exterior balconies and a master bedroom w/ vaulted ceiling. The listing agent suggests the blown-up Van Gogh mosaic at the entryway delivers "a refinement lacking from most timber lofts." We'd be more inclined to attribute any "refinement" to the less corny and derivative decor.
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