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Drab '70s Edgewater Glen Home to Become 'Periscope House'

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The design/build firm Nicholas Design Collaborative is set to reposition a 1970s throwaway as a shiny new contempo in Edgewater Glen. Founder & Principal Peter M. Nicholas wrote Curbed to pitch the project a week or so before it hits the market. Branded The Periscope House, the evocative feature, in architectural lingo, is "the second story "periscope" [that] cantilevers over and beyond the plane of the existing front garden wall to create a provocative and sculptural element in contrast to its visually heavy neighbors." The existing envelope, high garden walls, floors, and roof will be salvaged, as clearly illustrated in the renderings above and below. Not that you'll recognize the old bones once inside— the rendered interiors are thick with new finishes, amenities, and appliances. The grand fireplace has some '70s stylistic underpinnings, but otherwise the space is a 2013 creation. And there's the lesson for teardown enthusiasts: reinvent using the materials you're presented with. The 4-bed, 3-bath home will measure 2,500 square feet and include a new 3-car garage— at an initial asking price of $899,000.
·The Periscope House, 5833 N Magnolia Avenue [official]