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At Auction: Wisconsin Mega-Manse Hogs Door Peninsula

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Location: Sister Bay, Door County, WI
Price: TBD at Auction; annual taxes— $43,300 (reduced from $62K)
Size: Roughly 14,000 square feet of interiors on 21 acres w/ an option for a 101-acre ranch

For the super rich or super lucky, Northern Wisconsin's La Maison des Deux Fleurs is heading to auction with an owner to be crowned August 14th regardless of price. No stated minimum bid is set for the bewilderingly large and fancy mansion designed with "Cape Cod and nautical influences" by architect Richard Bos, which means this 21-acre estate in Door County and a neighboring 101-acre Equestrian ranch will go to the highest sealed bid, sensible or not. The mansion and its 740' of shoreline on Lake Michigan once asked $16.9M, according to the auction press release (pdf). It dropped all the way to $6.85M with still no action, and so the seller is resorting to drastic measures. Had a good tip night? Take a stab at it. Who knows... you could have a studio in Pilsen and a vacation estate in Sister Bay, WI.
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