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Harper Court & Hyatt Place, Next-Gen Hyde Park Investments

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All treatments and finishes are in place down at Hyde Park's Harper Court and Hyatt Place developments. The integrated projects are bringing 12-stories of office space (mostly for U of C), a 130-room hotel, and a range of retail and services to 53rd and Lake Park. Not that aren't already things to do along this primary commercial corridor, but the heavy hand of U of C has its own vision for regulated commerce that caters to students and faculty— they're not only invested in revamping their campus. L.A. Fitness is the development's other anchor tenant, and a Starbucks is setting up shop. A band of low-rise retail connects the office building to the 6-story hotel facing onto Harper Avenue. Both expect to open later this year.
·Harper Court, Gateway to 53rd, Gets Its Final Applications [Curbed Chicago]

Harper Court

5235 South Harper Court, Chicago, IL 60615 Visit Website