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Revealed: 25-Story Tower at State & Elm, With Mere 40 Units

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The great emancipator of building renderings, Skycraper Page's Spyguy is at it again with a reveal of elevation sketches for a new 25-story tower at the NE corner of State & Elm. Seldom has Spyguy's reporting proved wrong, and so the accompanying stats tell us to look out for a Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) design rising 335' with just 40 units. Developer DRW Holdings is thus consolidating the partnership formed with SCB on the Loews Hotel tower at 435 North Park. Naturally there will be street level retail, and at this location the neighbors can and should demand quality active spaces. From the rough sketches, it looks like there'll be a 4-story podium topped by an amenity terrace and units above. This proposal would erase a vintage low-rise courtyard building but would only top the neighboring prewar high-rise by a few stories. We'll be on the lookout for pending news.
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