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When Stiff Interiors Don't Woo Buyers, Summon the Floorplan

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Exactly one year ago we bludgeoned our readers over the head with an unattainable Park Tower condo. Well, nearly two years into its listing (with some time spent off the market) no one has obtained the $5.1M six-bed that occupies most of the 51st floor. The 2-unit combo has exposures in every direction, two large corner terraces, chef's kitchen, and interior decor that's "like catnip for the nouveau riche," in the sage words of Curbed commenter Louis Van Der Wright. The asking price has come down $700K, but more importantly the listing has been reset with an otherworldly floorplan (for a condo) showing what could be both a chaotic and a magnificent layout taking the shape of Lucien Lagrange's 850-foot Michigan Avenue eyesore.
·Listing: 800 N Michigan Ave. Unit 5101-02 [Coldwell Banker]
·Live It Up in Lucien Lagrange's Park Tower for $5.8M [Curbed Chicago]