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This is What to Expect From Lathrop Redevelopment

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Feast your eyes on the new site plan for the Lathrop Homes redevelopment. The scaled-down and more historically sensitive composition put forth this week by Lathrop Community Partners and lead developer Related Midwest envisions 1,208 mixed-income apartments spread across a varied landscape mixing old and new structures, new and restored common areas, and a modicum of retail. You had our perspective on the proposal earlier in the week, so today's focus is strictly on the mockup at right. Highlighted redevelopment elements include an "enhancement" of Jens Jensen's Great Lawn, new bike and pedestrian street treatments, a river edge park, programmable public waterfront space, an "iconic building" announcing Lathrop at the southernmost bend in the river, and mixed uses along Lathrop's eastern edge. It'll take the better part of a decade to realize this transformation, but at least we're getting somewhere!
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