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Cornerspotted: Ritchie Court, in View of Potter Palmer's Mansion

Curbed's savvy readers had little trouble with this week's cornerspotting. The giveaway? That hazy crenelated behemoth in the background of the 1914 postcard photo, identifiable to most (even through such distortion) as Potter Palmer's mansion at Lake Shore Drive and Banks Street. That puts the photographer on Ritchie Court, looking north from Goethe. In setting the scene we spoke of the loss of most of this short block's low-rise character. The above screenshot, with a handful of old homes at left and high-rises everywhere else, conveys this unambiguously.
·Hint: A Short, Elite Block Near Homes of Early City Builders [Curbed Chicago]
·1914 postcard image of Ritchie Court [Chuckman's Collection]