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Concept Sketches for 156-Room Fremont Hotel go Public

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A proposed hotel development for the empty lot just north of the SoNo towers is being fleshed out by VOA Associates. The knowledge that some sort of hotel may come to the lot at Weed & Fremont has lived in the abstract for some time but a recent concept design (pdf) was forwarded to SoNo condo owners this week so that those with a vested interest in the rapidly developing area can pick sides. The very detailed specs can be summed up as follows: 156 rooms; seven stories; 112,000 square feet; ground floor retail; interior courtyard; 64 below-grade parking spaces; prototypical chain hotel design. There's no denying a hotel would be a useful complement to the Shops on Fremont development moving forward directly opposite the site in question, as well as the many existing chain, big box, and strip mall stores choking the North/Clybourn corridor.
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