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150 North Riverside Drawings Emerge Ahead of Public Meeting

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It's developer John O'Donnell's turn to put on a show along the central riverfront. Immediately south of the under-construction River Point tower, an even larger office project known for now as 150 North Riverside is closer to liftoff. O'Donnell released renderings for the 1.2M square-foot edifice in advance of a July 31st informational meeting hosted by Ald. Brendan Reilly and the Fulton River District Association (FRDA). Ald. Reilly's newsletter, forwarded by tipster, carried the drawings. This site has had offices written all over it since Prime Group's similarly-sized scheme failed to materialize in the bust years.

The new design commissioned by O'Donnell is just as glassy as the old one but fills out as it rises from a slender base— a style seen before, but infrequently. Squabbles over the creation of public rights of way along the water appear to have been at least partially resolved. From the second rendering (below), the public ought to enjoy at-grade park access on what is now the city-owned portion of the site. There's also some poorly-defined activity below deck: either an enclosed section of river trail or a private plaza component for office tenants. Together with the River Point and Wolf Point developments, there may very well be a wall of 40+ story towers along the northwest bank of the Chicago River when you wake up one morning in 2018. We'll have to wait and see what the FRDA says about that.
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