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Fixer-Upper Once Asking $1M, Then $500K, Settles on $675K

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Back in 2008-09, this handsome 3/2 Old Town "farmhouse" was on the market for $1.05M. Something happened in years since to collapse the ask to $500K. The old photo gallery shows delicately furnished and clean interiors while the just-sold state sits in disarray— not just stripped of the old decor but littered with shreds of it. The accompanying price, very low even for a fixer-upper in these parts, triggered an immediate bidding war in June that has only just resolved with a closing for $675K. It was good of the listing agent to acknowledge the need for "stimulating new ideas". Aside from a disheveled condition, built-in deterrents to a higher price can be found in the 6' basement ceiling, no-nonsense bathrooms, and dated kitchen. But hey, we'd take it. Here's hoping the buyer makes something special of such fine bones.
It took a bidding war to drive it back up to its $675K closing price.
·Listing: 315 W Eugenie St. [Coldwell Banker]