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Two Small Buildings Would Tighten Chicago Ave's Streetscape

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Some much needed infill could be coming to the northwest corner of Chicago & Noble. Curbed happened upon two public notices of an application for zoning variance posted at the vacant parcel spanning 1400-1412 W Chicago. A developer, identified only as 1400-12 Chicago LLC, is planning two four-story condo buildings with one unit per floor and street level retail. That would make the buildings a clean extension of the existing low-rise at 1412 W Chicago with wine store and dental studio below three floors of residences. Chances are the new buildings would also reflect 1412's materials and the zigzag of its balconies, particularly if we're dealing with the same developer. It occurred to us there's room for one more four-story building on this plot if the buildings are pressed together as they next door. We'll be on the lookout for another notice.
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