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Make a Single-Fam of Hokey Neo-Gothic Multi-Unit Building

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Anyone care to revamp a mulit-unit building that looks like an Epcot Center set piece into a gracious single-family home? $1.5M earns you a shot at composing your own 9,500-square-foot abode at the congested but trendy intersection of Ashland & Chicago. At least that's how the property is being marketed. The 70-year-old building hosts a fitness/yoga center on the ground floor plus units totaling four beds and six baths. To aid in buyers' conceptualization, the seller has rendered interiors in an impossibly stuffy and modern guise (see below). Certainly there are some take-home features like the minimalist fireplaces, spiral staircase, and a neat & tidy 5,000-square-foot roof deck. Or, in the spirit of the neighborhood, try the DIY thing.
·Listing: 834 N Ashland Ave. [Ryan Gehris]