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Enlivened Grand Boulevard Greystone Lists for $685K

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Whether or not the Greystone recovery is in full flight in Oakland, Kenwood, and parts of Bronzeville and Grand Boulevard, there are isolated properties picking up where the Aughts left off. One such Greystone mini-manse is on display at Forestville & 45th, seeking to recover the market value it had in 2005. Back then, the 5/3.5 home sold for $695K. Later on, a 2008 resale fetched just $560K. Now, the seller is after $685K. It's hard to argue with $114/sf, even when your magnificently renovated home backs onto a clearing nobody wants to see. Let's roll out the attributes: hardwood floors and original woodwork throughout; high, coffered ceilings; two kitchens; master suite w/ steam shower and jacuzzi; two wood-burning fireplaces; and a rooftop deck. This is the sort of place that could and should continue to climb the market.
·Listing: 4501 S Forrestville Ave. [Century 21]