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South Loop Loft Has 2,000 Square-Foot Private Deck, Koi Pond

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It isn't often the best unit in an 8-story, 78-unit converted loft building is a 2-bed on the third floor. Beyond the mechanical gleam of the 1,500 square-foot high-ceilinged interiors is a 2,000 square-foot private terrace with a koi pond, yard, garden, and fire pit. No foolin'. This amenity should go down as tops in its price bracket anywhere in town. Somehow, what had sold for $412K in 2006 only fetched $325K this time around making it one of the deals of the century in our book. One broker who visited the unit reported "many small problems" despite the "great finishes". The flaws, though minor, were structural in nature so may have dragged down the ask. That, and we are just talking about a 4-room dwelling.
·Listing: 1503 S State St. #306 [Red Zone Realty/Urban Living Properties]