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First Home of a Fledgling & Soon-To-Be Influential Enterprise

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Welcome to CornerSpotter, Curbed's regular game in which you, fair readers, consult archival streetscape photos or postcard illustrations to identify the building(s) and/or location presented. Time to tap that reservoir of urban minutiae and flaunt it before your fellow readers. Fire away in the comments, and we'll reveal the correct identity and backstory tomorrow.

Now that we're on the other side of the shortened holiday week, it's back to the business of cornerspotting! The very old and very much extinct building pictured above in the 1850s housed one of Chicago's big name companies when it was but a flea. And when we say "big name" think "household name". Parked at what was arguably early Chicago's busiest intersection ( one that holds its own today), the Great Fire took her down along with a great many wood-framed classics nearby. It's an uncommon exercise to think back to this structure since the commissioning of a much larger and instantly iconic home for the company in the 1920s. So, time to finger that location!
·Cornerspotter [Curbed Chicago]