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Plans Emerge for a Cluster of West Loop Boutique Hotels

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Soho House may be the only West Loop hotel project with teeth at present, but, as Crain's reports, there are other would-be hoteliers lining up to take a crack at the sizzling Fulton-Randolph corridor. Details are minimal at this early development stage, but the prospect of at least three new boutique hotel projects has arrived: a 150-room hotel by Sterling Bay, developer of the 1K Fulton office and retail project; a 120-room Nobu hotel & restaurant at Randolph and Peoria; and a hotel of uncertain size at Green and Fulton, attached to an outpost of the popular Brooklyn Bowl entertainment venue. The Sterling Bay proposal would be directly opposite 1k Fulton, which the developer is confirming while guarding the specifics. We've heard inklings of a Nobu Hotel before, and seeking an ambitious 12-story height may be detrimental to its odds for approval. The West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) has stated its opposition to the height but enthusiasm for small hotels in general.

Finally, DRW Holdings has stated its intent to bring a Brooklyn Bowl/hotel complex to the neighborhood. The Williamsburg-based business is the hippest bowling alley ever cooked up, with indie rock bookings, craft booze, and good food. The company had once declared interest in a strip of Chicago Avenue at Wood, before the low-rise structures were flattened to make way for a Fifield apartment building. Fulton Market would seem another natural fit. Together, the hotel and venue would employ about 300 people but there's no further illumination on the hotel component itself as Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. reviews the submission. Taken together with Soho House, the area could see more than 400 hotel rooms added in the next few years— helping fulfill the prophecy (and the real estate world's dream) of Fulton Market as the next Meatpacking District.
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