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Wacky Andy Spatz-Designed Fun House Re-Lists for $625K

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It's nice to see an architect really go for it. Evanston's METALhouse 1, flashy calling card of architect Andy Spatz, does just that. Built for the architect himself, the local PoMo icon is back on the market. You see, Spatz built METALhouse 2 right beside the original a few years ago as his preferred new home and METALhouse 1 has been on and off the market ever since. The ask started at $797K and has worked its way down to $625K. In the interim it has been offered for rent at $2,850/month. The home is an acquired taste and with such an immensely goofy configuration and rooms thrown askew, it's not surprising the house hasn't gotten much traction in the marketplace. A double-height great room is the centerpiece, and most other spaces are flung off of it. Window walls are a big feature as well, and the home has a yard and gardens. Come and get it!
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