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Foundation Work Underway on Pair of West Loop Developments

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Curbed sped through the West Loop yesterday to see about two development sites we know to have recently broken ground. They are, in order of appearance: the future site of "The Madison at Racine", that office park derivation sporting 216 apartments; and the future site of 90 condo units at Adams & Aberdeen (in two phases, starting with CA3 which Joe Zekas says is already sold out), stretching nearly to Racine. Foundation work is the name of the game at both sites — a very muddy affair thanks to this extra-wet season. Heavy machinery dots each site with excavations and early construction evident. Mostly, you're looking at a lunar landscape. But don't blink, these will be quick affairs. Ascend Realty and Team4 Development are piloting The Madison at Racine while JRG Capital Partners Belgravia Group is in charge of the condo plans for Adams & Aberdeen. Check back for updates!
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