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Star of First House Beautiful Issue Sold For $2.25M in a Day

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A tame version of medieval architecture has just sold in the northern 'burbs. We heard it first from Chicago Mag's Dennis Rodkin, who writes that "the lord and lady of this turreted and beamed medieval manor in Evanston sold it in one day, before it went on the open market." Referred to as a "pocket listing", a select group of realtors and their prospective buyers got first dibs before the house landed on MLS in late April with a sale already in the works. Sorry, y'all. The home is a real trip, with stereotypically medieval decor laced throughout — in lights, woodwork, leaded windows, winding stairs, coffered ceilings, and archways. These original details and their governing vision earned the 7-bed home a spot on the cover of House Beautiful's inaugural 1896 printing. Today's version looks to have technology surpassing a medieval standard, including a master suite w/ jacuzzi and a new and generously proportioned chef's kitchen. Aside from its great condition and purposeful whimsy, one reason the sale may have closed so quickly is that the sellers asked 7% less than they paid for the place in 2005. The final sale price: $2.25M.
·Listing: 1745 Hinman Ave, Evanston [@properties]
·Evanston's Medieval Fantasy House Sold in Just a Day [Chicago Mag]