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Triumphant Toews Tries for Real Estate Victory in LSE

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Two Stanley Cups, two condos. Those are the pertinent stats for Chicago Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews. He's owned two similar-sized condos in similar buildings in the same neighborhood for the past year, while searching out a buyer for a 3/3.5 high-floor unit at 450 E Waterside Drive. Toews seems to have found one, according to The Tribune's Bob Goldsborough and the listing. The unit has 11-foot ceilings, hardwoods that shimmer like an ice rink by the light of day, large kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a balcony. The young, fierce Hawks center may clear an equally fierce profit if the 32nd-floor unit closes at or near the current $1.7M asking price. Toews dropped $1.475M on the place in 2008. It pays to be rich.
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