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'Weed Was Everywhere' On Fateful Night at Hard Rock Hotel

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Here's an atypical experience at a buzzy boutique hotel... or is it? The following Trip Advisor reviewer took the Hard Rock Hotel to task for turning a blind eye to pot-smoking "over served" college lunatics co-opting the lobby late at night in February. Another possibility is that the complainant isn't as young and hip as s/he wants to believe. The Hard Rock doesn't strike us as an all-ages wonderland.

I stayed with my fiancé to celebrate our anniversary and will never stay again. We returned from a night out and women were throwing up in the lobby pouring out of the Angels and Kings bar (which closed an hour and a half early without reason) and people were smoking weed in the bar and lobby. When we brought this to the attention of the overnight manager he was incredibly rude and stated if we don't like it we can leave. The next morning we complained to another manager at the front desk who said there is nothing she can do since we booked through but did offer to refund our $50 overnight parking fee. Sad thing is that they charged us anyway.

Don't go here unless you want to get treated like crap and stay in hotel full of over served college kids.

·"Staff was terrible and weed was everywhere!" [Trip Advisor]