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Here Now, The Absolute Best Hotel Lobbies in Chicago

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There are good reasons social butterflies hold hotel lobbies in high esteem: lobbies capture spend-thrifty out-of-towners, local foodies and cocktail enthusiasts, partiers, and the glamourous class, spawning an unnatural level of mingling. The best lobbies pit opulent settings against exuberant behavior, and win every time. Today's photo tour depicts 18 superior lobbies found in downtown Chicago hotels, from the classical (Drake, Palmer House) to the campy and nostalgic (Hard Rock, Hotel Lincoln) and the modern and 'techy' (Radisson Blu Aqua, theWit). These are the kind of spaces that attract random gawkers and architectural tourists, in addition to target crowds. Enjoy!
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Hotel Lincoln JDV

1816 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614 Visit Website